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“Being a person of Value is where true impact lies.”

With 21+ years in the world of life insurance & investments, specifically segregated funds, my career has taken me from providing solutions for families to building wealth transfer, legacy planning, business continuity and corporate insurance solutions for large companies.

My passion for educating families about the uses and benefits of life insurance solutions was birthed while listened to my father’s former financial advisor try to “sell” him an insurance solution he could not qualify due to having cancer two year prior to this meeting. I’m proud to say dad is cancer free, in his early 80s (17 years after the diagnosis), and competently insured by his new broker’s office, Financial Essentials Inc.!

Side note, if you have a family member who has been told they are uninsurable due to a health concern or you just don’t like needles, please give us a call as we’ll provide the right solution at the best cost.

As a new broker in 2015, Financial Essentials was birthed with the moto of, “Insuring your most important assets; your life, your health, & your income” throughout all stages of life. We serve families with unbiased, calculated advice. Every solution we provide is tailored with the mindset of, family first accompanied with legacy planning.

Inspiring our clients to actively take control of their financial destination by utilizing insurance as the foundation is key.

We’ve had the distinct honour of working with and training new brokers. We’ve hosted and have been a guest speaker on webinars, on-line & in-person seminars as well as other speaking engagements.

As we’ve continued to grow while competently providing relevant solutions, we’ve hired an Executive Assistant. Further to this we’ve formed a phenomenal partnership with Bearing Capital Partners who specializes in business acquisition and investments for high net worth clientele. We’re the Insurance & Risk Consultant with Bearing Capital Partners.

Becoming an Estate Planner with my Certified Financial Planner designation is my long-term aspiration. Further to this and without divulging to much, building a philanthropic community where financial education and offering a community centre atmosphere to the youth as a haven, is on the horizon.

For those looking at building a stable financial future and would welcome an open conversation on how to do so, we look forward to hearing from you!