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  • As a third time purchaser of Life Insurance, I’ve had two previous disastrous experience with my two previous providers. Samuel Springer, provided me with a consultation , where he not only extensively explained his plan and all the many benefits that it entailed, but he showed me the many advantages that were offered,as opposed to the previous providers who charged higher premiums, with far less benefits, for a fraction of the cost. I have truly been so satisfied with not only my benefits, but how knowledgeable, dedicated, and efficient he has been in representing the right decisions for me and my family. He has always put the needs of my family and friends first, above his own advancement. Ive had my plan for many years now, and have no regrets in the decisions I’ve made to safeguard my family, Thanks to Samuel.
    From C.W., Ontario

  • Mr. Samuel Springer has helped my family with life insurance needs. He is a consummate professional and took time to answer all of our questions while being forthright. We are grateful for his help in getting us the best rate. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase life insurance.
    From S.B., Ontario

  • My wife and I had taken out a couple of insurance policies on two of our children when they were quite young. We no longer needed these, as the children had grown up and were on their own. I contacted Samuel and he very clearly explained our options in layman’s terms. One of the policies was to be cancelled and the other was to revert to one of the children at the low premium it was when initiated. Obviously, to do both these transactions required paperwork. As with any contractual papers this could have proven to be daunting and confusing. It was anything but because Samuel prepared all the paperwork very methodically to be signed, initialed, dated, whatever. When sent to the various parties to complete, he had included post-its and highlighted areas so that our tasks were very clear and easy to follow. He also included his contact information should we have any questions or concerns. We had none. Thanks to Samuel, something that could have been perplexing and onerous was presented in such a very clear cut way that it was easy for us to do.
    Samuel, we are very grateful for the professional way you handled our situation. We would definitely deal with you again.

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