Critical Care Insurance

Do you know someone who was diagnosed with a Critical Illness and Survived?

Did you know it was a Doctor who developed this product as people are living longer due to enhancements in the medical field!!

You may be strong and healthy, and you may think that you can beat any critical illness that comes your way. And you may be right. In fact, illnesses that would have ended in death just a few years ago are now being treated and even cured. While that’s good news, living through a critical illness and surviving it can cause financial stress!

Critical Care Insurance

Some of these financial stresses you may have already considered, like:

– Loss of Income
– Our of Pocket Expenses

But some may come as a surprise, like:

– Childcare, if the primary caregiver becomes ill
– Travel expenses for medical treatments (including gas, hotels, car rental)
– Homecare services (domestic and personal)
– Flights for family and friends to visit

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