Life insurance FAQs

  • One: To have accessible income while you are alive! Hence, life or living insurance. Income supplement at retirement, money for investment property, tuition for post secondary education, and so much more. And,
  • Two: It’s the only asset that provides a lump sum payment to your loved ones and/or company in case of pre-mature death while providing the policy owner an established income foundation!
  • Three: Final Expenses/Estate planning
  • Well, answer the following questions: Are you non-smoker, marijuana user, taking medication, do you have a family, are you single, own your business which is a sole proprietorship or corporation, creating a tool that generates wealth for 2-5 generations after you.
  • So you guessed correctly, you are an individual with unique needs. Your immediate and future needs will be met with our solutions as they are customized to you! This may also include leaving money for your favourite charity.
  • Contact the insurance company your policy is with
  • Contact us and we could help you
  • We provide a 30 minute free consultation to address your specific questions as well as provide direction. If you’d like to retain our services after the consultation, there are applicable fees
  • Loaded question! It could be as simple as a Transfer Of Ownership form, but what about the tax implications. Has this transfer in ownership been triggered due to retirement, etc.? Let’s chat…
  • Yes! Your money is growing on a tax-deferred basis and there are benefits to this
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