Health & Dental Insurance

Health and dental benefits are essential to every benefits plan! As healthcare costs continue to rise and some services are not covered under government plans, more and more responsibility is placed on you to pay for these costs.

Whether you’re an employer, self employed, a part time employee or someone who needs individual coverage, we’ve got a package just for you!

Health & Dental Protection, Quote & Application

  • Pharmaceutical Plans

    Drug plans are a key part of any employee benefits program. Our innovative solutions can help you balance costs, enhance plan performance and optimize the health of your employees.

  • Dental

    Smile if your employees need great dental coverage. Most government health care plans don’t cover dental expenses but it’s a key benefit for your employees and their families.

  • Vision Care, Massage, Chiropractic

    An extended health care benefit supports your employees with coverage for medically necessary expenses not provided by provincial plans.