Your Investments.

Remember, “Cultivating Financial Vitality” is our priority so let’s sit down and discuss your goals. After the discussion we’ll structure an approach to investing which takes into account your personal investment style, your financial goals and your tolerance for risk. Whether you want to build a nest egg, secure a retirement income, accumulate wealth or have something completely different in mind, we’re here for you!


Segregated Funds

Did you know, Segregated Funds are similar to mutual funds, however what sets them apart is the guarantee they offer of investment protection against possible market downturns. Distributed exclusively by insurance companies, segregated funds are comprised of stocks, bonds, and market securities and are professionally managed by experts.


  • Your deposits are protected when your contract matures
  • Your deposits are protected when you pass away
  • Potential protection against creditors in the event of bankruptcy or seizure!
  • Ability to bypass distribution of estate so funds are paid directly to your named beneficiary

Other Investment Tools Available



Savings Plan

Savings Plan

Or a combination…