Permanent and/or Term Protection

Term Insurance

    • Affordable, cost efficient protection for shorter periods of time; usually 10, 20, 30 year term, or Term to 65 
    • This solution provides protection for temporary needs like mortgage replacement, line of credit, post secondary tuition, and more
    • At the end of the specified period, the coverage will renew and keep in mind, you’ll have a number of options available during the life of your policy

Whole Life

    • Provides permanent protection with guaranteed premiums over a period of time, builds cash value tax-deferred and provides a death benefit independent of the cash fund.
    • LEGACY Planning (one of our specialties and focus)The cash value can be accessed to fund education, next generation inheritance, renovate your home, supplement your retirement income, business loans, and more!!
    • The cash value is invested in the company, thus, they manage your investment
    • Pay for 10 years or 20 years

Universal Life

    • The power of paying a little more now to achieve financial peace, stability, and “a financial cushion” for tomorrow!
    • UL provides cost effective life insurance protection and tax-advantaged investment opportunities
    • Flexible payment options
    • The cash value is invested in funds that you (and your broker) decide on. 

Term to Age 100

    • Provides lifetime coverage at a static cost and pays the death benefit to your beneficiary(s).
    • Premiums are paid for the life of the policy

Guaranteed Issue

    • No Medical Exams or Health Questions
    • Regardless of your state of health or history